The Best Spots to Take a Selfie in Providence, RI

December 28, 2023 | News
The Best Spots to Take a Selfie in Providence, RI

Whether you’re entertaining out-of-town guests or simply seeking a selfie that screams ‘I live in Providence,’ there’s a picturesque spot in the city just waiting to be captured.

WaterFire Providence

A mesmerizing blend of art and community, WaterFire Providence is a must-visit for selfie enthusiasts. As you wander along the illuminated river, with fire sculptures lighting up the night sky, the ambiance is magical. Capture a selfie with the flickering flames and starlit reflections in the water – a moment of urban enchantment.

Prospect Terrace Park

For breathtaking city views, head to Prospect Terrace Park. This elevated park offers a panoramic backdrop of Providence’s skyline – a perfect selfie canvas. Stand by the iconic Roger Williams statue and let the sweeping vistas of the city frame your shot. The blend of greenery and urban architecture here is picture-perfect.

Rhode Island State House

The majestic Rhode Island State House, with its grandiose architecture, is a selfie spot like no other. Its neoclassical design and the Independent Man statue atop the dome provide a stately background. Capture your moment on the steps or with the building’s impressive facade in the background, showcasing a piece of Rhode Island’s rich history.