Explore the Outdoors With These Activities in Providence Rhode Island

August 22, 2023 | Events | News
Explore the Outdoors With These Activities in Providence Rhode Island

Looking for ways to enjoy the outdoors in Providence? Look no further. Here are three things to do outside near Emblem 125 in Providence, Rhode Island.

La Gondola

Address: One Citizens Plaza, Providence, RI

Experience the city’s charm from a Venetian perspective, complete with gondoliers serenading you in Italian. As the sun sets and city lights shimmer, this intimate journey becomes an enchanting blend of Providence’s modernity and Venice’s timeless romance. Perfect for lovers, friends, or solo reflections on the water. Learn more about La Gondola in Providence.

Providence Farmers Market

Address: 10 Sims Ave., Providence

Bursting with local produce, fresh pastries, and artisanal crafts, it’s a celebration of Rhode Island’s agricultural and creative prowess. Engage with farmers, sample gourmet treats, or find that unique handcrafted gift. A visit promises not just fresh produce but a fresh perspective on the city’s vibrant community spirit. Learn more about Providence Farmers Market.

Roger Williams Park Zoo

Address: 1000 Elmwood Ave, Providence, RIHome to over 150 species, the zoo offers a fascinating journey from African elephants to Australian kangaroos. The meticulously designed habitats ensure an immersive experience, while conservation initiatives educate visitors on global wildlife challenges. Amidst verdant landscapes, encounter nature’s wonders and ignite your passion for the animal kingdom. Learn more about Roger Williams Park Zoo.