Order Up! 3 Unique Food Spots Worth Exploring Near Emblem 125

May 2, 2022 | Uncategorized
Order Up! 3 Unique Food Spots Worth Exploring Near Emblem 125

Looking for a food adventure or maybe just something a little unique? Look no further, greater Providence has it all, from artsy bakery cafes to a recreated outdoor trailer park. Let’s dive in!

Village Hearth Bakery Cafe — 2 Watson Ave., Jamestown

The pizzas, pies and soups are none other than top of the line at Village Hearth Bakery Cafe but if there’s one thing locals trend to agree on, it’s that the bread served here is likely one of the best in town. Now, who would go crazy over a delicious slice of bread when the soups are so darn good? Have a taste and you’ll agree.

Ogie’s Trailer Park – 1155 Westminster St., Providence

Here’s something truly unique. Ogie’s Trailer Park puts diners in metal outdoor chairs and picnic tables for some of the best comfort foods around. Serving up classic burgers, chicken and drinks, Ogie’s is the place to go when you feel like visiting a totally different place that isn’t far from home.

White Horse Tavern — 26 Marlborough St., Newport

While White Horse Tavern might not offer the excitement of Ogie’s Trailer Park, it’s still very much worth a visit. Built in 1673, White Horse is one of the oldest restaurants in America and you can bet, after a few centuries, the taverns staff are masters of food and service.

We highly recommend their Lobster Mac and Cheese but anything from the sea is delectable at White Horse Tavern.